About RSG



Leveraging world class industry processes, we help clients strategically navigate through their challenges.  Using a battle-tested methodology that begins with a compass check and ends with a knowledge transfer.  We develop pragmatic solutions that support solving critical business issues using our three-step process: 1st – Compass Check: Knowing where you are is critical to understanding your path forward. 2nd – Planning: Developing a sound implementation strategy is key to achieving sustainable success.  3rd – Knowledge Transfer: empowering your team through true knowledge transfer and coaching provides the gateway to long term sustainability.

Before you know where you're going you must know where you are!

A sound implementation strategy is key to achieving victory!

Providing true knowledge transfer and coaching the team is the gateway to long term sustainability!


Racca Solutions Group was founded by Stacy Racca in 2012.  Utilizing his experience gained through more than twenty years of global experience solving complex manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, business process and technology challenges with small to Fortune 100 companies spanning many industries.  Leveraging his expertise in production operations, logistics, supply chain solutions, information technology, change management, enterprise systems and process reengineering along with extensive Lean and Six Sigma experience, the business has evolved into a world class consulting firm focused on adding client value.